It’s National Recruiting Week at Avon 1/18-1/22, 2016





It’s National Recruiting Week at Avon!!!!! I am super stoked to see who is ready to take this journey with us!

Here is my list of reasons why I joined and why continue to share the opportunity!

***Earn money

*** Take advantage of the discount

*** Stay home with my kiddos

*** Work around my kiddos (they love to help too)

*** Get myself out of frumpy mom phase

*** I love having my own business

*** I can use my creativity

*** Love my customers

*** Make goals, accomplish goals

I love sharing a company I truly believe in and it is so great to see my team doing so well… So join us :p :p :p


We have some great money making opportunities for new reps right now:


I would love to be your mentor and upline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the leap, you will be very HAPPY you did!!!




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