Avon Campaign 16, 2017– Beautiful Skin Starts with Anew!!

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Exfoliate Now—HEHEHEE

One of the most often concerns I receive is that products “stop” working over time! You may have used the same moisturizer for years and it one day feels like it just doesn’t cut it anymore! After layers and layers of moisturizing you have to take the time to exfoliate!!! Get rid of the dead skin, give that pretty face, hands, and even feet a clean slate to start from!! We should exfoliate at least once a week… you will notice your makeup goes on smoother by using less product, your skin will have a natural glow again, and your moisturizer will have a softer finish! I will forever want Avon to produce a lip scrub because even your lipstick will last longer 🙂

With Summer coming your skin will be absorbing sunscreens, bug sprays, sweat salts, and more… give it a healthy shine!

But for now, here are the products I recommend:

For face: Retexturizing Peels: Comes in 2 formulas: one basic and one Extra Rexturizing:

Use 1-3 times a week based on your needs:



Want the best of both worlds? Try our AHA Cream– Exfoliate and moisturize in 1!



For Feet and even hands: Try the FootWorks Exfoliating Scrubs or the FootWorks Dual Action Pedi- Peels


Avon Outlet Sales 1/17/17

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Avon Campaign 17, July 2016– The New Skin So Soft

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Why I Love SELLing AVON!!!





I happen to have a couple of YouTube Channels.. ADDICTION!!!!

I was going through some of my archives to today when I stumbled upon this gem…

Why I Love SELLing AVON!!! I thought I would reshare… I am so passionate about this

business why not right?

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I attended our District 5789 recognition last week in Minnesota. I had the chance to sit with some lovely local reps and a fellow super sweet Rep from another District. All the Avon Representatives in the room must have sold over $10,000 the previous year to be invited. Of course I was oohing and ahhing over dollar amounts some of these Reps and their teams have sold and we celebrated their accomplishments… But it was the ladies who have been in this business 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, all the way up to 68 years that really brought me joy and happiness. The smiles and the pride they showed is very hard to explain and I had goosebumps thinking about their marvelous journeys. These women have seen it all and they powered through some difficult times to be honored in front of a room full of Avon family.

I have been with Avon since Sept 2013. I have loved every part of my own journey this far… I have set goals and aimed for them, made more goals and aimed for them, and so on… I have built a great customer base, a great team, and above all I have brought my own immediate family on this adventure. I take pride in my community, in my daughter’s private school, I barely say no to volunteerism, and I have never let down a fellow Avon sister when it comes to advice, encouragement, and the desire for the them to feel fulfilled in this business. I especially take time for my customers… I enjoy conversations, help them if needed when I arrive to deliver books and brochures, and make sure they are enjoying the high quality products they deserve.

I was very honored to be the SPIRIT OF AVON AWARD in my District. I know my District Sales Manager Joan has really taken me under wing and watched me blossom. I couldn’t be here today without her optimism, her encouragement, her Avon Spirit…

Here is what the SPIRIT OF AVON AWARD entails:


“The SPIRIT OF AVON award is an award given from the heart. The heart of a Manager- and the heart of Avon. It is often hard to choose just one recipient because there are so many special Representatives. However, one person’s incredible spirit stands out above the rest. Not necessarily because of sales volume or recruiting excellence, but because of an attitude of giving, sharing, and selflessness. This person gives of themselves continually. They build their own business by professionally and courteously serving their customers. They care about and share with other Representatives, as well as all who have the privilege of crossing their path. This Representative is a friend, a teacher, and a blessing. They are the SPIRIT OF AVON”

Everyone in that room deserved that award, some already have… My Spirit of Avon comes from within, it’s the passion I show and belief in this great company…


I am honored, I am humble, I am kind… I am an Avon Representative.