Avon Campaign 17, July 2016– The New Skin So Soft

Skin So Soft has not only repackaged but gave us a new Triple Layering Oil and the Creamy Body Washes are new and improved~~Make sure you check all this out and more from my estore: https://monicahertzog.avonrepresentative.com





How to Be a Successful Avon Lady




Hi there! My name is Monica Hertzog. I live in a very rural town in Central MN, about 2500 in population. I have been an Avon Representative since September 2013. I have sold Avon at our President’s Club level in both 2014 and 2015 and I am on track to do this again in 2016, even better. I have a great team, known as the GoalGetters.

I love my Avon business, it has offered me fulfillment, made me more confident, and am able to work from home while raising two little girls; one school age, the other home full time.

I am not even close to where I would like to be with this company, as, unlike other jobs, I can go as far as I want to go… But,I would like to offer you some insight on “How to Be a Successful Avon Lady” today.

  1. Commit– Once you sign yourself up at Avon I highly would make goals for yourself. How many people do you think you could touch with this business?? Once you start handing out brochures.. DON’T STOP!!!! At Avon, we have biweekly brochures, which you need to keep handing them out.. GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!!! Customers will find other ways to get their Avon if you fall out of this routine!! Look at Avon is a structured business where you will pay yourself every two weeks!
  2. Consistency- Again this can apply to committing, but be consistent… Know what days your orders are due. Find out when you can connect with your customers.. You are offered a FREE Website that your customers can shop 24/7, make sure they know this. Find the time to work your business that you wanted to start from the beginning. Remember, you wanted an extra job or stay at home job… but you NEED TO WORK IT!!
  3. Attitude– This is a big one for me! Be OPTIMISTIC! You are running your own business with a very prestigious name and history. Remember you are representing many Avon Reps before you. The legacy of the Avon Lady should show positiveness. If you become negative your customers will gather this and most likely will not want to shop with you.
  4. Fun– Who doesn’t like to play with makeup and jewelry? Who doesn’t like the benefits of discounts on skincare and fashion? I do understand some women are not fashionistas, but pampering yourself from time to time can play a part in a person’s confidence.
  5. Acknowledge- I personally don’t like to look at my customers and the members of my downline as numbers. THEY ARE PEOPLE with FEELings.. I try my best to take time for my customers. I do my best to connect with my downline on a regular basis via FB, email, texts… People love to be appreciated so ACKNOWLEDGE THEM!!

Hope some of these ideas speak to you today! I would love to help you start your Avon Journey! Being an upline and mentor has made me love my Avon business even more than I already do!!! ❤


It’s National Recruiting Week at Avon 1/18-1/22, 2016





It’s National Recruiting Week at Avon!!!!! I am super stoked to see who is ready to take this journey with us!

Here is my list of reasons why I joined and why continue to share the opportunity!

***Earn money

*** Take advantage of the discount

*** Stay home with my kiddos

*** Work around my kiddos (they love to help too)

*** Get myself out of frumpy mom phase

*** I love having my own business

*** I can use my creativity

*** Love my customers

*** Make goals, accomplish goals

I love sharing a company I truly believe in and it is so great to see my team doing so well… So join us :p :p :p


We have some great money making opportunities for new reps right now:


I would love to be your mentor and upline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the leap, you will be very HAPPY you did!!!




My Avon Story!! Sell Avon With Me!!


There is something nostalgic about an Avon Lady. I can remember my grandma penciling in some time every other week for the local Avon Lady to come pay a visit. It was exciting for her, it was exciting for me. I had actually made a call to Avon about signing up and then when they called me back I ignored the voicemail! Two short years later I called Avon again, boy am I glad I did!

I was a mom of a naughty 3 year old and a 5 month old. I was frumpy, I wasn’t myself, I was suffering from anxiety and postpartum! I had tried a direct sales company previously and I didn’t like doing house parties, I didn’t like the fact I was trying to get people to buy things that were very expensive and very unnecessary for that matter! So I thought I am going to try this Avon thing and make it a hobby!

Two years have gone by and I LOVE my Avon Job! I am from a town of about 3000, I have had great success and decided to start OWN team– TEAM AVON GOALGETTERS! I have found so many friends throughout the US and Canada via social media with my Avon Family! We share each others’ successes and we help those who may have lost their mojo! This company has really helped me strengthen myself. I no longer worry about the day, I wake up and can’t wait to get my Avon on!!!

I would love to share this opportunity with YOU!!! I would love to be your upline and mentor!!!

use reference code: monicahertzog at http://www.sellavon.com

Monica Hertzog

Silver Ambassador

Sales Leader and National Recruiter